Month: April 2018

For couples

Couple rings marking the beginning of your forever journey


A coupling ring is a piece of jewelry which is exchanged between two people as a symbol of their love and affection. In most cultures, a couple ring signifies a promise of lifelong loyalty and devotion to one another. Therefore, they are also known as promise rings. Etiquette associated with a couple ring While there […]

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For Lady

Safety tips to keep in mind while applying false lashes


The most important things on using false eyelashes are taking out the lashes perfectly from the case. If you do not know the perfect style of taking out the lashes then it may get distorted and the perfect shape may get spoiled. The best possible way to take the lashes out is placing the fingers […]

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For Home

Animal pajamas- A comfortable wear for adults


When it comes to any dress or shoes, the comfort is a great thing that can ever give you. Searching for the easy and comfortable dresses to wear for party and casual is most common, but it is important to choose the comfortable clothes to wear at night. The comfortable night clothes are not only […]

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