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Who is Scarlet Witch? Tips for diy yours Scarlet Witch cosplay costume

Who is Scarlet Witch Tips for diy yours Scarlet Witch cosplay costume

Who is Scarlet Witch

Everyone loves to watch the marvel studios movies because of the fictional superheroes appearing in the movies. Their costumes, suits, and weapons and their different superpowers make all aged people fall in love with them. One of the characters in the Marvel Studios movies is The Scarlet.

This character is created by Stan Lee and the witch made her presence in the Marvel movies like Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The real name of the Scarlet witch is Wanda Maximoff. Like the other characters in Marvel movies, she does have a special power.

The witch is a human with the ability to possess the mutant power which can affect the probability fields.

By the combination of gestures and the mental concentration, she is able to create a hex-sphere. With that sphere a finite reality-disrupting force will create, when reaches its intended target, surrounding the certain target causes the disturbance in a probability target. Thus, an unlikely incident occurs around the target.

Scarlet Witch comics

The Story of Scarlet Witch

She is able to cause many incidents by her mutant power are Energy transmissions and fields disruption, air can be evacuated from the given volume with immediate effect, various organic and the inorganic materials can be decayed, gun barrels can be immediately melted by the hex-sphere, flammable object can be combusted spontaneously, deflection of certain object in the flight and many more. These incidents occur instantaneously once when the hex-sphere gets completion.

She can attack by the hex-sphere with the magic of witchcraft and extreme concentration and she can overcome the latter limitation. The witchcraft training of Wanda is done with Agatha Harkness which is separate from the mutant power ability. The mixture of both the witchcraft training and her mutant power makes her more strong and wilful witch. She has got with a special power affinity for the natural elements and the materials can be utilized in the witch’s spell which can be done only by the true witches.

Scarlet Witch Movie Toys

The Wanda’s native is Sokovia where she grew up with her twin brother named Pietro. To keep their country safe and to help them they both joined in HYDRA. From there they have gone for many experiments under the supervision of Wolfgang, as a result, they got the superpowers. When the HYDRA fell, these two joined with the Ultron to take revenge on the Tony stark. Once they get to know the true intentions they switched side and joined with the team Avengers. Because of the Ultron offensive, Pietro (Wanda’s brother) was killed while Wanda survived and became a member of Avengers. In the Civil war, she made her team with Captain America. After she reunited with vision, both formed a lovely relationship. Because of Thanos, it is not lasted so long because of the time stone in Vision’s head.

Wanna become Scarlet witch look-alike?

Scarlet Witch cosplay Costume by simcosplay
Scarlet Witch cosplay

After these many movies, many members fall in love with Scarlet witch character. Somebody wants to be like her. Those who want to be like her, here are some tips to dress like Scarlet witch at any convention.

Party Swing Dress

The swing dress should be in black and you can select as the same design used by the Scarlet witch. You can purchase this dress from some online stores or shops.

Scarlet Witch Necklace

She always wears a necklace which is in silver color with a dollar. If you know to create on your own, create it on your way otherwise get either from the online store or the jewelry shops.  

Scarlet Witch Jacket

You can choose a Jacket either in red or maroon color, whatever color you like go for the selection.

Lace-Up Biker Ankle Boot

This boot looks good when you wear with you all the other cosplay costumes.

Thick high socks

The socks should be in large size with black which gives good looking for those who wear it.

If you are looking for a different costume for any convention just choose for the Scarlet witch costume which will give you special attention over you by the people surrounded by you. Who does not like a witch? Wear Scarlet witch costume, Grab attention over you.