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Why do women love to wear mink lashes?

Why do women love to wear mink lashes

In the realm of fashion, mink eyelashes are quite a trend these days, because of the natural look they render. They aren’t heavy and the eyelash extensions appear natural always, matching any outfit that you wear.

Real mink eyelashes are manufactured from the soft tail furs of Chinese or Siberian minks. As a result, they get a sight, light, fluffy, more natural look, appearing almost similar to human eyelashes. As the mink eyelashes are lightweight and are of premium quality, they can be reused again and again. Mink hairs have less sheen that gives a natural yet beautiful look. The lash strands are tapered and ultra-fine, holding fine curls, unlike the artificial eyelashes. These mink eyelash extensions are virtually impossible to be distinguished from your natural eyelashes. Mink eyelashes shouldn’t be confused with the silk eyelash extensions. They are made from cocoons of silkworms, the same cocoons that are spun into threads for manufacturing expensive silk sarees.

Mink eyelash extensions are considered to be a fashion statement for various reasons. Given below are some:


Quality of real mink eyelashes

Opting for mink eyelashes is the best option if you a natural yet classy look is what you are preferring. Mink eyelashes, though expensive, is of premium quality. If you are wanting a natural look and long-lasting eyelash extensions, think no more. Real mink eyelashes are your go-to option. They are in demand because they match, and blend with the texture of your natural eyelashes, so much that it becomes impossible to distinguish between the two.

Mink eyelashes, because of being 100% natural tend to be lightweight, fluffy and are comfortable to be applied because its fibers are not ay all heavy and soft too. They have a naturally fine curly touch. Every strand of these real mink eyelashes has been crafted skillfully and manually to give a unique and natural effect that any Machine would fail to do. Every strand of fur is hence ultra fine. To ensure the eyelashes’ longevity, don’t apply chemicals or soaps containing glycol as they dissolve the glue that holds the eyelashes in place.

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Mink lashes are versatile

No matter you are going to a party having put on sophisticated and heavy makeup or wearing casuals, you can always add mink eyelashes to brighten up your outlook. They will give you a naturally beautiful look, without making it appear too artificial. They blend properly with your natural eyelashes, hence feeling and looking natural yet giving you a feminine and alluring touch. Mink eyelashes are of three types, mink, faux mini, and silk mink eyelash extensions, each having different purposes. Silk mink extensions are suitable for party outlooks whereas faux mink eyelashes can be applied when going to the office or meeting.

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Mink extensions protect your natural eyelashes

There isn’t any extra ingredient present in mink eyelashes that will make your natural eyelashes strong. But if you apply them over your natural eyelashes, you don’t have to apply mascara. Mascara tends to make your natural eyelashes brittle and weak. Hence, mink eyelashes are a good alternative to mascara and help you to retain the strength and shine of your natural eyelashes. It’s proven that women who use mink extensions and not mascara have thick natural eyelashes, which is why women prefer the former so much.

Mink eyelash extensions can be reused

Generally, artificial eyelashes or synthetic ones can be used only once. On the other hand, mink eyelashes can be reused again and again if stored and maintained properly. They generally last for a week, depending on how frequently you use it. Women can even sleep with these eyelashes. Mink eyelashes are the most preferred eyelash extensions by women in the film industry, as they are lightweight and have slight curls that make them indistinguishable from the natural eyelashes. Mink eyelashes don’t smear and stick. They are most preferred because of their durability.

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In short, women love mink eyelashes because they feel natural. They make your eyes look lovelier naturally, without rendering a heavy, artificial touch to your eyelashes as the synthetic extensions do. Such eyelashes give you a naturally classy, chic, luxurious look. Lastly, mink eyelashes are completely safe to be used by anyone and everyone. They are 100% free from chemicals and dyes and are 100% natural.